Tuesday, August 13, 2013

... And A Chicken In Every Pot.

Had I been alive when Herbert Hoover allegedly made his promise to “put a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot,” I’m pretty sure I would have cried tears of agony. Until this past year I was … wait for it … chicken about cooking a whole chicken.

Why? It’s not like I have to pluck off the feathers and break the necks! 

Simply put, we really only ate boneless skinless chicken breast growing up. All the awesome recipes I inherited from my mom were boneless skinless. All my Freezer Cooking meals used boneless skinless. 

I've talked all about how I got over my fear of chicken and why it's better to buy a whole chicken -- debunking 6 common myths about whole chickens.

So how did I get over my chicken-phobia?

After experimenting, I settled on my favorite mess-free way to cook a whole chicken (straight from the freezer and into a slow cooker), while making delicious broth at the same time. Then I freeze or pressure-can the cooked chicken meat in 2 cup increments so it is ready for quick meals. Likewise, I freeze or can the broth.

So what do I do with the leftover meat?? Based on my discussions about menu planning, these are the recipes currently gracing my kitchen. I find great success pairing cooked chicken with some sort of grain (like rice or pasta) and a few vegetables to make a one-dish meal. 

My goal is to get recipe links up and running soon. :-)

My Recipes

There's also a great blog post here with over 100+ different recipes to make with cooked chicken!

So go buy a whole chicken and happy cooking!

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