Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome to the BENT Kitchen!

Why "BENT" you might ask? 

Several years ago I started this blog as a way to write about our journey with food and more "crunchy" living. As I wrote back then: 

Compared to most typical Americans, our family might seem a little strange... We clean with microfiber and vinegar. We don't eat much sugar. I make yogurt and kefir on a regular basis. You won't find a microwave in our house. We're the only family in our neighborhood that regularly composts. I make my own deodorant. We've got a cow's tongue in our freezer. Yup, we might seem a little odd. As we bend away from the typical American norm of fast food, commercial cleaners, and processed meals, we find ourselves happier and healthier for it.

I picked the name "BENT Kitchen" to talk about, well, kitchen-ish things. And then -- unexpectedly -- God dropped an amazing opportunity for me to write for one of my all time favorite blogs, Kitchen Stewardship. If you take that link, you can see my most recent posts.

Now, as we are zooming down the road on our home school journey, I find myself needing an outlet to talk about home schooling and our adventures there. So this blog is shifting in a different purpose.

Oh, and the REAL reason for the name BENT?  Just rearrange the letters of our family:
  B (that's me!)
  E (darling 7yo daughter)
  N (darling husband)
  T (darling 4yo son)

Clever, huh? So read on. And be encouraged. Let's take a journey together. 

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